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2. Impact of edge harmonic oscillations on the divertor heat flux in NSTX

3. Microtearing Instabilities and Electron Thermal Transport in Low and High Collisionality NSTX Discharges

4. MHD-blob correlations in NSTX

5. Machine Learning Characterization of Alfvénic and Sub-Alfvénic Chirping and Correlation With Fast-Ion Loss at NSTX

6. Study of the impact of pre- and real-time deposition of lithium on plasma performance on NSTX

7. Blob-hole correlation model for edge turbulence and comparisons with NSTX GPI data

8. ELM-free and inter-ELM divertor heat flux broadening induced by Edge Harmonics Oscillation in NSTX

9. Electron-density-sensitive Line Ratios of Fe XIII--XVI from Laboratory Sources Compared to CHIANTI

10. A multi-machine scaling of halo current rotation