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1. Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

2. Data from "Transferability of data-driven, many-body models for CO2 simulations in the vapor and liquid phases"

3. Data on Enzyme Activity Retention in glucose oxidase, lipase, and horseradish peroxidase

4. Molecular Dynamics Trajectories and Analysis Code Demonstrating Liquid-Liquid Criticality in the WAIL Water Model

5. Chiral Tetramer Molecular Model

6. Data corresponding to our paper on "Chemotactic smoothing of collective migration"

7. Data from "Vapor-liquid equilibrium of water with the MB-pol many-body potential"

8. Data from "Manifestations of metastable criticality in glassy water-like models detected by large-scale structural properties"

9. Data from "Signatures of a liquid-liquid transition in an ab initio deep neural network model for water"