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81. Data for "Spatial heterogeneity of ammonia fluxes in a deciduous forest and adjacent grassland"

82. Genetic Algorithm Crystal Optimization in a Chiral Tetramer Model System

83. Three dimensional archaeocyathide and coral imagery for morphologic analysis

84. Data from "Liquid-liquid transition in water from first principles"

85. Princeton Dynamic Stall Database: Upward ramp-type pitching motions

87. Data for: "The origin of non-skeletal carbonate mud and implications for global climate"

88. High Reynolds Number Wind Turbine Wake Data

89. Supplement to PhD Dissertation: "Subsurface Computational Modeling and Policy Analysis of Large-Scale Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (2022)"

90. Data on Enzyme Activity Retention in glucose oxidase, lipase, and horseradish peroxidase

91. Molecular Dynamics Trajectories and Analysis Code Demonstrating Liquid-Liquid Criticality in the WAIL Water Model

92. Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

93. Data for: "Structure and Density of Silicon Carbide to 1.5 TPa and Implications for Extrasolar Planets"

95. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction of fluorapatite to 61 GPa: Structural Data

96. Data for “Global adjoint tomography—model GLAD-M25”

97. Data from "Homogeneous ice nucleation in an ab initio machine learning model"

98. Data from "Transferability of data-driven, many-body models for CO2 simulations in the vapor and liquid phases"

99. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Harp Omni Mic Image

100. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—House ORTF Mic Image