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1. Sowing the Seeds for More Usable Web Archives: A Usability Study of Archive-It

3. Dust and Starlight Maps for Galaxies in the KINGFISH Sample

27. Spike Trains of Retinal Ganglion Cells Viewing a Repeated Natural Movie

28. Sound velocities in shock-synthesized stishovite to 72 GPa

31. Data corresponding to our paper on "Chemotactic smoothing of collective migration"

32. Integrative Mechanisms of Social Attention

34. Princeton Open Ventilation Monitor

40. Static measurements of a NACA 0021 airfoil at high Reynolds numbers

41. Deep Potential training data for crystalline and disordered TiO2 phases

42. Deep Potential training data for subcritical and supercritical water

46. Attentional Modulation of Brain Responses to Primary Appetitive and Aversive Stimuli

51. The 21st year: transcription, motif list, and relation score

52. Accessing Real-Life Episodic Information from Minutes versus Hours Earlier Modulates Hippocampal and High-Order Cortical Dynamics

53. Sherlock Movie Watching Dataset

54. Chinese overseas development financing of electric power generation: A comparative analysis

55. Data for: "Financing Carbon Lock-in in Developing Countries: Bilateral Financing for Power Generation Technologies from China, Japan, and the United States"

57. Derrida's Margins datasets

58. Derrida's Margins datasets

67. MLP neural network trained on the QCL [-2, +3] Å dataset

68. MLP neural network trained on the QCL [-5, +20] Å dataset

69. QCL Dataset, 10 Layer Structure, Tolerance [-5, +20] Å, Electric Field [10,10,150] kV/cm

70. Quantum cascade laser transition code

76. The Dielectric Function of "Astrodust", and Absorption and Scattering Cross Sections for Spheroids

80. Delivery Gig Worker Interviews on Automation at Work

85. Large-Eddy Simulation Results for Half Ice / Half Water Surfaces

87. Large-Eddy Simulation and Statistical Metric Results for Patterned Sea Ice Surfaces

90. Data for 'Co-benefits of Transport Demand Reductions from Compact Urban Development in Chinese Cities'

97. Data from "Liquid-liquid transition in water from first principles"

98. Data from "Signatures of a liquid-liquid transition in an ab initio deep neural network model for water"

100. Data for: "The origin of non-skeletal carbonate mud and implications for global climate"