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302. Quantitative imaging of carbon dimer precursor for nanomaterial synthesis in the carbon arc

304. Plasma Facing Components with Capillary Porous System and Liquid Metal Coolant Flow

305. Data for: "Structure and Density of Silicon Carbide to 1.5 TPa and Implications for Extrasolar Planets"

307. Code and data from "Comparative genomic analysis reveals varying levels of mammalian adaptation to coronavirus infections"

310. To dee or not to dee: costs and benefits of altering the triangularity of a steady-state DEMO-like reactor

311. Experimental data for paper "hydraulic transmissivity inferred from ice-sheet relaxation following Greenland supraglacial lake drainages"

315. Genetic Algorithm Crystal Optimization in a Chiral Tetramer Model System

316. Data for “Global adjoint tomography—model GLAD-M25”

317. Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfven eigenmodes driven by fast ions. I. Interaction via ordinary and anomalous cyclotron resonances.

318. Alternative energy vehicle deployment coupled with decarbonizing electricity generation amplifies climate, air quality and health co-benefits in China

322. Detection of an electron beam in a high density plasma via an electrostatic probe

323. Three dimensional archaeocyathide and coral imagery for morphologic analysis

325. CPCB continuous monitoring air quality data for India, from 2015-2019

326. Methane emissions from oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

327. Data for 'Environmental Benefits and Household Costs of Clean Heating Options in Northern China'

328. Drosophila melanogaster Long Timescale Data 2022

330. Data for "Stability and Kinetics of Iron-Terephthalate MOFs with Diverse Structures in Aqueous Pollutant Degradation"

331. Data from "A Neural Network Water Model Based on the MB-pol Many-Body Potential"

332. Dataset for 'Auditory Activity is Diverse and Widespread Throughout the Central Brain of Drosophila'

333. Understanding the dynamics and energetics of magnetic reconnection in a laboratory plasma: Review of recent progress on selected fronts

338. Data for "First-principles-based Machine Learning Models for Phase Behavior and Transport Properties of CO2"

341. Parametric dependencies of resonant layer responses across linear, two-fluid, drift-MHD regimes

342. Fracture aperture maps used to study reactive transport, channelization, and permeability evolution in carbonate rocks.

343. Collapse of reacted fracture surface decreases permeability and frictional strength

344. Data from "Critical behavior in a chiral molecular model"

345. Data from "Homogeneous ice nucleation in an ab initio machine learning model"

346. High Reynolds Number Wind Turbine Wake Data

349. Nasa Budgetary Data

350. Data from "Transferability of data-driven, many-body models for CO2 simulations in the vapor and liquid phases"

351. Shock Compression of Fluorapatite to 120 GPa: Wave Profile Data

352. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction of fluorapatite to 61 GPa: Structural Data

354. Diagnostics for molybdenum and tungsten erosion and transport in NSTX-U

357. Spontaneous multi-keV electron generation in a low-RF-power axisymmetric mirror machine

358. Supplement to PhD Dissertation: "Subsurface Computational Modeling and Policy Analysis of Large-Scale Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (2022)"

360. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Harp Omni Mic Image

361. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—House ORTF Mic Image

362. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—House Wide Cardioid Mic Image

363. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Lip Cardioid Mic Image

364. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Stage Lid ORTF Mic Image

365. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Stage Lid Omni Mic Image

366. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Tail Omni Mic Image

367. Supplementary Model Output to "Climate, soil organic layer, and nitrogen jointly drive forest development after fire in the North American boreal zone"

368. TRANSP-based Optimization Towards Tokamak Scenario Development

369. Molecular Dynamics Trajectories and Analysis Code Demonstrating Liquid-Liquid Criticality in the WAIL Water Model

371. Data set for "NAPS: Integrating pose estimation and tag-based tracking"

373. Blob wakes in NSTX

374. 60 degree Inclined Pulsar

375. 90 degree Inclined Pulsar

376. Aligned Nonspinning Dipoles

377. Aligned Rapidly Spinning Dipoles

378. An extended MHD study of the 16 October 2015 MMS diffusion region crossing

379. Antialigned Nonspinning Dipoles

380. Antialigned Rapidly Spinning Dipoles

381. Basin-Scale Leakage Risks from Geologic Carbon Sequestration: Impact on Carbon Capture and Storage Energy Market Competitiveness

382. Bubble pinch-off in turbulence

383. Complete Dataset for Williams Site Pore Water Chemistry, March 2011 - April 2012

385. Dataset for JGR Article (DOI: 10.1002/2014JD022278)

386. Dynamical Magnetic Fields of Antialigned Nonspinning Dipoles

387. Fermi-LAT Example Data and Template

389. Graphite: Dielectric Tensor and Cross Sections for Spheres and Spheroids

390. Instability of shear flows in spatially periodic domains

391. Light Curves from a Search for Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster M4 with K2

394. Regulation of Harvester Ant Foraging as a Closed-Loop Excitable System