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205. Optimization of the angular orientation for a fast ion loss detector in a tokamak

207. Chiral Tetramer Molecular Model

208. Data set for "Ocean emission of microplastic by bursting bubble jet drops"

210. Blob wakes in NSTX

212. Modeling of a Laser-Induced Rydberg Spectroscopy diagnostic for Direct Measurement of the Local Electric Field in the Edge Region of NSTX/NSTX-U

215. Dynamics of filaments during the edge-localized mode crash on NSTX

226. A software package for plasma facing component analysis and design: the Heat flux Engineering Analysis Toolkit (HEAT)

227. The Dielectric Function of "Astrodust", and Absorption and Scattering Cross Sections for Spheroids

228. Telomere Length in Preterm Infants

232. Calibrationless rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters for low flow rate applications

233. Data for: 'How is sea level change encoded in carbonate stratigraphy?'

238. Design and measurement methods for a lithium vapor box similarity experiment

240. Physics design for a lithium vapor box divertor experiment on Magnum-PSI

241. Delivery Gig Worker Interviews on Automation at Work

242. A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U

243. Regional hydroclimatic variability due to contemporary deforestation in southern Amazonia and associated boundary layer characteristics

245. Application of IR imaging for free-surface velocity measurement in liquid-metal systems

246. Demonstrating electromagnetic control of free-surface, liquid-metal flows relevant to fusion reactors

247. Experimental calibration procedures for rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters

248. Study of liquid metal surface wave damping in the presence of magnetic fields and electrical currents

249. Experimental demonstration of hydraulic jump control in liquid metal channel flow using Lorentz force