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1. Sowing the Seeds for More Usable Web Archives: A Usability Study of Archive-It

3. Dust and Starlight Maps for Galaxies in the KINGFISH Sample

27. Spike Trains of Retinal Ganglion Cells Viewing a Repeated Natural Movie

28. Sound velocities in shock-synthesized stishovite to 72 GPa

31. Data corresponding to our paper on "Chemotactic smoothing of collective migration"

32. Integrative Mechanisms of Social Attention

35. Princeton Open Ventilation Monitor

41. Static measurements of a NACA 0021 airfoil at high Reynolds numbers

42. Deep Potential training data for crystalline and disordered TiO2 phases

43. Deep Potential training data for subcritical and supercritical water

47. Attentional Modulation of Brain Responses to Primary Appetitive and Aversive Stimuli