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1. A Reduced Resistive Wall Mode Kinetic Stability Model for Disruption Forecasting

2. A Riccati Solution for the Ideal MHD Plasma Response with Applications to Real-time Stability Control

3. A dynamic magnetic tension force as the cause of failed solar eruptions

4. A multi-machine scaling of halo current rotation

5. A novel scheme for error field correction in permanent magnet stellarators

6. A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U

7. A thermodynamic phase transition in magnetic reconnection

8. Advances in boronization on NSTX-Upgrade

9. Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfven eigenmodes driven by fast ions. I. Interaction via ordinary and anomalous cyclotron resonances.

10. Application of Benchmarked Kinetic Resistive Wall Mode Stability Codes to ITER, Including Additional Physics

11. Application of IR imaging for free-surface velocity measurement in liquid-metal systems

12. Application of IR imaging for free-surface velocity measurement in liquid-metal systems

13. Application of transient CHI plasma startup to future ST and AT devices

14. Blob Structure and Motion in the Edge and SOL of NSTX

15. Blob-hole correlation model for edge turbulence and comparisons with NSTX GPI data

16. Calibrationless rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters for low flow rate applications

17. Collisional dependence of Alfven mode saturation in tokamaks

18. Comment on ‘Numerical modeling of tokamak breakdown phase driven by pure Ohmic heating under ideal conditions’

19. Compact and multi-view solid state neutral particle analyzer arrays on National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade

20. Compact steady-state tokamak performance dependence on magnet and core physics limits