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81. Solitary zonal structures in subcritical drift waves: a minimum model

82. Statistical properties of magnetic structures and energy dissipation during turbulent reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail

83. Theory of the tertiary instability and the Dimits shift from reduced drift-wave models

84. Theory of the tertiary instability and the Dimits shift within a scalar model

85. Toward fusion plasma scenario planning for NSTX-U using machine-learning-accelerated models

86. Vertical forces during VDEs in an ITER plasma and the role of halo currents

87. A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U

88. Application of transient CHI plasma startup to future ST and AT devices

89. Blob wakes in NSTX

90. Comment on ‘Numerical modeling of tokamak breakdown phase driven by pure Ohmic heating under ideal conditions’