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1. A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U

2. Application of transient CHI plasma startup to future ST and AT devices

3. Blob wakes in NSTX

4. Comment on ‘Numerical modeling of tokamak breakdown phase driven by pure Ohmic heating under ideal conditions’

5. Design and simulation of the snowflake divertor control for NSTX-U

6. Electron inertial effects on linearly polarized electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves at Earth's magnetosphere

7. Elemental and topographical imaging of microscopic variations in deposition on NSTX-U and DIII-D samples2

8. Formation of solitary zonal structures via the modulational instability of drift waves

9. Global modeling of wall material migration following boronization in NSTX-U

10. Initial transport and turbulence analysis and gyrokinetic simulation validation in NSTX-U L-mode plasmas