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1. Midplane neutral density profiles in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

2. Observation of quasi-coherent edge fluctuations in Ohmic plasmas on NSTX

3. Modeling of resistive plasma response in toroidal geometry using an asymptotic matching approach

4. Lower Hybrid Drift Waves During Guide Field Reconnection

5. Implementation of higher-order velocity mapping between marker particles and grid in the particle-in-cell code XGC

7. M3D-C1 simulations of the plasma response to RMPs in NSTX-U single-null and snowflake divertor configurations

8. Overview of NSTX Upgrade Initial Results and Modelling Highlights

9. Hydrogen Retention in Lithium on Metallic Walls from “In Vacuo” Analysis in LTX and Implications for High-Z Plasma-Facing Components in NSTX-U

10. Advances in boronization on NSTX-Upgrade