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1. Achromonodin-1 NMR spectra

2. CLEVR-Matrices

3. Data and code for 'Hydrological cycle amplification reshapes warming-driven oxygen loss in Atlantic Ocean'

4. Data for "Caught in the Crossfire: Fears of Chinese-American Scientists"

5. Data for "First-principles-based Machine Learning Models for Phase Behavior and Transport Properties of CO2"

6. Data for "Stability and Kinetics of Iron-Terephthalate MOFs with Diverse Structures in Aqueous Pollutant Degradation"

7. Data for Configurations and Characteristics of Simulated Single-Chain Nanoparticles

8. Data for: Persistent hepatitis B virus and HIV coinfections in dually humanized mice engrafted with human liver and immune system

9. Data from "Critical behavior in a chiral molecular model"

10. Data from "Melting curves of ice polymorphs in the vicinity of the liquid-liquid critical point"

14. Large-Eddy Simulation Results for Half Ice / Half Water Surfaces

15. Large-Eddy Simulation and Statistical Metric Results for Patterned Sea Ice Surfaces

16. Raw Data for GrsA Sub-domain Dynamics

17. Supplementary spatial data for Available Land for Cellulosic Biofuel Production: A Supply Chain Centered Comparison

18. Supporting GFDL data for Southern Ocean Freshwater release model experiments Initiative (SOFIA)

19. Telomere Length in Preterm Infants

20. Thermodynamic and Dynamics Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Generated by Active Learning

23. Data and code for “Structured foraging of soil predators unveils functional responses to bacterial defenses”

24. Data for "Spatial heterogeneity of ammonia fluxes in a deciduous forest and adjacent grassland"

25. Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

26. Data for “Global adjoint tomography—model GLAD-M25”

27. Data for: "Structure and Density of Silicon Carbide to 1.5 TPa and Implications for Extrasolar Planets"

28. Data for: "The origin of non-skeletal carbonate mud and implications for global climate"

29. Data from "Homogeneous ice nucleation in an ab initio machine learning model"

30. Data from "Liquid-liquid transition in water from first principles"

31. Data from "Transferability of data-driven, many-body models for CO2 simulations in the vapor and liquid phases"

32. Data on Enzyme Activity Retention in glucose oxidase, lipase, and horseradish peroxidase

33. Data set for "NAPS: Integrating pose estimation and tag-based tracking"

34. Data set for "Ocean emission of microplastic by bursting bubble jet drops"

37. Effects of collisional ion orbit loss on neoclassical tokamak radial electric fields

38. Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Transport Model for Tokamak Plasmas

40. Genetic Algorithm Crystal Optimization in a Chiral Tetramer Model System

41. Gyrokinetic simulations of momentum flux parasitic to free-energy transfer

42. High Reynolds Number Wind Turbine Wake Data

43. Initial Results from Boron Powder Injection Experiments in WEST Lower Single Null L-mode Plasmas

44. Internal Rotation of ELM Filaments on NSTX

47. Molecular Dynamics Trajectories and Analysis Code Demonstrating Liquid-Liquid Criticality in the WAIL Water Model

48. Nonlinear growth of magnetic islands by passing fast ions in NSTX

49. Parametric dependencies of resonant layer responses across linear, two-fluid, drift-MHD regimes

50. Plasma Facing Components with Capillary Porous System and Liquid Metal Coolant Flow