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222. A software package for plasma facing component analysis and design: the Heat flux Engineering Analysis Toolkit (HEAT)

223. The Dielectric Function of "Astrodust", and Absorption and Scattering Cross Sections for Spheroids

224. Telomere Length in Preterm Infants

226. Machine Learning Characterization of Alfvénic and Sub-Alfvénic Chirping and Correlation With Fast-Ion Loss at NSTX

228. Calibrationless rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters for low flow rate applications

229. Data for: 'How is sea level change encoded in carbonate stratigraphy?'

234. Design and measurement methods for a lithium vapor box similarity experiment

236. Physics design for a lithium vapor box divertor experiment on Magnum-PSI

237. Delivery Gig Worker Interviews on Automation at Work

238. A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U

239. Regional hydroclimatic variability due to contemporary deforestation in southern Amazonia and associated boundary layer characteristics