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241. Advances in boronization on NSTX-Upgrade

242. Amplification of local changes along the timescale processing hierarchy

243. Application of Benchmarked Kinetic Resistive Wall Mode Stability Codes to ITER, Including Additional Physics

244. Application of IR imaging for free-surface velocity measurement in liquid-metal systems

245. Application of IR imaging for free-surface velocity measurement in liquid-metal systems

246. Application of Townsend avalanche theory to tokamak startup by coaxial helicity injection

247. Data for Nature Climate Change article 'Regional dry-season climate changes due to three decades of Amazonian deforestation'

248. Density perturbation mode structure of high frequency compressional and global Alfvén eigenmodes in the National Spherical Torus Experiment using a novel reflectometer analysis technique

249. Design of Faraday cup ion detectors built by thin film deposition

250. Drift kinetic effects on the plasma response in high beta spherical tokamak experiments

251. ELM elimination with Li powder injection in EAST discharges using the tungsten upper divertor

252. Electron heating and energy inventory during asymmetric reconnection in a laboratory plasma

253. Energetic-particle-modified global Alfven eigenmodes

254. Experimental calibration procedures for rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters

255. Feedback control design for non-inductively sustained scenarios in NSTX-U using TRANSP

256. Fracture aperture maps used to study reactive transport, channelization, and permeability evolution in carbonate rocks.

257. Full-wave simulations of ICRF heating regimes in toroidal plasmas with non-Maxwellian distribution functions

258. Gas Puff Imaging Diagnostics of Edge Plasma Turbulence in Magnetic Fusion Devices

259. Injected mass deposition thresholds for lithium granule instigated triggering of edge localized modes on EAST

260. M3D-C1 simulations of the plasma response to RMPs in NSTX-U single-null and snowflake divertor configurations