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262. Remote-sensing gas measurements with coherent Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering

263. Drift kinetic effects on the plasma response in high beta spherical tokamak experiments

264. Data for: 'Facies control on carbonate δ13C on the Great Bahama Bank'

266. A Riccati Solution for the Ideal MHD Plasma Response with Applications to Real-time Stability Control

267. Developments on two lithium vapor-box linear test-stand experiments

268. Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Vehicles in China

269. TIGRESS simulation data

273. The Attention Schema Theory in an Artificial Neural Network Agent: Controlling Visuospatial Attention Using a Descriptive Model of Attention

274. Data and code for “Structured foraging of soil predators unveils functional responses to bacterial defenses”

275. Gyrokinetic simulations of momentum flux parasitic to free-energy transfer

276. Data for food consumption strategies in China

278. Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Transport Model for Tokamak Plasmas

279. The Molino Suite of Galaxy Mock Catalogs

280. Application of Townsend avalanche theory to tokamak startup by coaxial helicity injection