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61. Inversion technique to obtain local ion temperature profiles for an axisymmetric plasma with toroidal and radial velocities

62. Density perturbation mode structure of high frequency compressional and global Alfvén eigenmodes in the National Spherical Torus Experiment using a novel reflectometer analysis technique

63. Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfven eigenmodes driven by fast ions. II. Interaction via Landau resonance.

64. Energetic-particle-modified global Alfven eigenmodes

65. Hybrid simulations of sub-cyclotron compressional and global Alfven Eigenmode stability in spherical tokamaks

66. Nonlinear simulations of beam-driven Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes in NSTX

68. Statistical properties of magnetic structures and energy dissipation during turbulent reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail

69. Application of Benchmarked Kinetic Resistive Wall Mode Stability Codes to ITER, Including Additional Physics

70. Spike Trains of Retinal Ganglion Cells Viewing a Repeated Natural Movie

71. The Structured `Low Temperature' Phase of the Retinal Population Code

74. Sound velocities in shock-synthesized stishovite to 72 GPa

75. Full-wave simulations of ICRF heating regimes in toroidal plasmas with non-Maxwellian distribution functions

76. Resonance in Fast-Wave Amplitude in the Periphery of Cylindrical Plasmas and Application to Edge Losses of Wave Heating Power in Tokamaks

77. Two-dimensional full-wave simulations of waves in space and tokamak plasmas

78. Distinct cytoskeletal proteins define zones of enhanced cell wall synthesis in Helicobacter pylori

79. Attention and awareness in the dorsal attention network

80. Integrative Mechanisms of Social Attention