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121. Toward fusion plasma scenario planning for NSTX-U using machine-learning-accelerated models

122. Vertical forces during VDEs in an ITER plasma and the role of halo currents

123. Visual Analogy Extrapolation Challenge (VAEC)

124. A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U

125. Application of transient CHI plasma startup to future ST and AT devices

126. Blob wakes in NSTX

127. CKavity Library: Next-Generation Sequencing

128. Climate Impacts from Large Volcanic Eruptions in a High-resolution Climate Model: the Importance of Forcing Structure

129. Comment on ‘Numerical modeling of tokamak breakdown phase driven by pure Ohmic heating under ideal conditions’

130. Competitive learning modulates memory consolidation during sleep

131. Design and simulation of the snowflake divertor control for NSTX-U

132. Electron inertial effects on linearly polarized electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves at Earth's magnetosphere

133. Elemental and topographical imaging of microscopic variations in deposition on NSTX-U and DIII-D samples2

134. Formation of solitary zonal structures via the modulational instability of drift waves

135. Global modeling of wall material migration following boronization in NSTX-U

136. Initial transport and turbulence analysis and gyrokinetic simulation validation in NSTX-U L-mode plasmas

137. Intrinsic Rotation in Axisymmetric Devices

138. Machine Learning Characterization of Alfvénic and Sub-Alfvénic Chirping and Correlation With Fast-Ion Loss at NSTX

139. Modelling of Ablatant Deposition from Electromagnetically Driven Radiative Pellets for Disruption Mitigation Studies

140. Nonlinear saturation and oscillations of collisionless zonal flows