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161. Initial transport and turbulence analysis and gyrokinetic simulation validation in NSTX-U L-mode plasmas

162. Instability of shear flows in spatially periodic domains

163. Light Curves from a Search for Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster M4 with K2

164. Methane emissions from oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

165. Modelling of Ablatant Deposition from Electromagnetically Driven Radiative Pellets for Disruption Mitigation Studies

166. Physics design for a lithium vapor box divertor experiment on Magnum-PSI

167. Reduced Model for Direct Induction Startup Scenario Development on MAST-U and NSTX-U

168. Sound velocities in shock-synthesized stishovite to 72 GPa

169. Sowing the Seeds for More Usable Web Archives: A Usability Study of Archive-It

170. Spontaneous multi-keV electron generation in a low-RF-power axisymmetric mirror machine

171. Study of liquid metal surface wave damping in the presence of magnetic fields and electrical currents

172. TRANSP-based Optimization Towards Tokamak Scenario Development

173. TRANSP-based closed-loop simulations of current profile optimal regulation in NSTX-Upgrade

175. Calibrationless rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters for low flow rate applications

176. Collapse of reacted fracture surface decreases permeability and frictional strength

177. Demonstrating electromagnetic control of free-surface, liquid-metal flows relevant to fusion reactors

178. Design and measurement methods for a lithium vapor box similarity experiment

179. Detection of an electron beam in a high density plasma via an electrostatic probe

180. ELM frequency enhancement and discharge modification through lithium granule injection into EAST H-modes