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81. Competitive learning modulates memory consolidation during sleep

82. Design and simulation of the snowflake divertor control for NSTX-U

83. Electron inertial effects on linearly polarized electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves at Earth's magnetosphere

84. Elemental and topographical imaging of microscopic variations in deposition on NSTX-U and DIII-D samples2

85. Global modeling of wall material migration following boronization in NSTX-U

86. Initial transport and turbulence analysis and gyrokinetic simulation validation in NSTX-U L-mode plasmas

87. Intrinsic Rotation in Axisymmetric Devices

88. Machine Learning Characterization of Alfvénic and Sub-Alfvénic Chirping and Correlation With Fast-Ion Loss at NSTX

89. Modelling of Ablatant Deposition from Electromagnetically Driven Radiative Pellets for Disruption Mitigation Studies

90. Nonlinear saturation and oscillations of collisionless zonal flows