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121. Developments on two lithium vapor-box linear test-stand experiments

122. Diagnostics for molybdenum and tungsten erosion and transport in NSTX-U

123. Distinct cytoskeletal proteins define zones of enhanced cell wall synthesis in Helicobacter pylori

125. Drosophila melanogaster Long Timescale Data 2022

126. Dust and Starlight Maps for Galaxies in the KINGFISH Sample

127. Dynamic reconfiguration of the default mode network during narrative comprehension

128. Dynamics of filaments during the edge-localized mode crash on NSTX

130. ELM frequency enhancement and discharge modification through lithium granule injection into EAST H-modes

133. Effects of Axial Boundary Conductivity on a Free Stewartson-Shercliff Layer

140. Electron heating and energy inventory during asymmetric reconnection in a laboratory plasma