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352. Synergy of Coupled Kink and Tearing Modes in Fast Ion Transport

353. TIGRESS simulation data

355. TRANSP-based closed-loop simulations of current profile optimal regulation in NSTX-Upgrade

356. Telomere Length in Preterm Infants

358. The 21st year: transcription, motif list, and relation score

360. The Dielectric Function of "Astrodust", and Absorption and Scattering Cross Sections for Spheroids

361. The Molino Suite of Galaxy Mock Catalogs

363. The Structured `Low Temperature' Phase of the Retinal Population Code

365. The updated ITPA global H-mode confinement database: description and analysis

370. Thermodynamic and Dynamics Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Generated by Active Learning

372. Three dimensional archaeocyathide and coral imagery for morphologic analysis

374. To dee or not to dee: costs and benefits of altering the triangularity of a steady-state DEMO-like reactor

380. Type-I ELM mitigation by continuous lithium granule gravitational injection into the upper tungsten divertor in EAST

381. Understanding the dynamics and energetics of magnetic reconnection in a laboratory plasma: Review of recent progress on selected fronts

386. Visual Analogy Extrapolation Challenge (VAEC)

389. Whistler wave generation by anisotropic tail electrons during asymmetric magnetic reconnection in space and laboratory

390. Why is El Nino warm?

392. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Harp Omni Mic Image

393. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—House ORTF Mic Image

394. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—House Wide Cardioid Mic Image

395. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Lip Cardioid Mic Image

397. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Stage Lid ORTF Mic Image

398. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Stage Lid Omni Mic Image

399. bitKlavier Grand Sample Library—Tail Omni Mic Image