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71. Blob Structure and Motion in the Edge and SOL of NSTX

72. Collisional dependence of Alfven mode saturation in tokamaks

73. Compact and multi-view solid state neutral particle analyzer arrays on National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade

74. Development of miniaturized, spectroscopically assisted Penning gauges for fractional helium and hydrogen neutral pressure measurements

75. Diagnostics for molybdenum and tungsten erosion and transport in NSTX-U

76. Far-infrared tangential interferometer/polarimeter design and installation for NSTX-U

77. Initial operation of the NSTX-Upgrade real-time velocity diagnostic

78. Large-volume flux closure during plasmoid-mediated reconnection in coaxial helicity injection

79. Linear gyrokinetic simulations of microinstabilities within the pedestal region of H-mode NSTX discharges in a highly shaped geometry

80. Parallel electron force balance and the L-H transition