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291. Data for “Global adjoint tomography—model GLAD-M25”

292. Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfven eigenmodes driven by fast ions. I. Interaction via ordinary and anomalous cyclotron resonances.

293. Alternative energy vehicle deployment coupled with decarbonizing electricity generation amplifies climate, air quality and health co-benefits in China

294. Regarding the optimization of O1-mode ECRH and the feasibility of EBW startup on NSTX-U

297. Detection of an electron beam in a high density plasma via an electrostatic probe

298. Three dimensional archaeocyathide and coral imagery for morphologic analysis

299. Gas Puff Imaging Diagnostics of Edge Plasma Turbulence in Magnetic Fusion Devices

300. Toward fusion plasma scenario planning for NSTX-U using machine-learning-accelerated models