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301. Nonlinear simulations of beam-driven Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes in NSTX

302. Optimization of the angular orientation for a fast ion loss detector in a tokamak

303. Overview of NSTX Upgrade Initial Results and Modelling Highlights

304. Plasma measurements of the Fe XVII L-shell emission and blending with F VIII and F IX

305. Sensitivity of WallDYN material migration modeling to uncertainties in mixed-material surface binding energies

306. Stabilizing effect of resistivity towards ELM-free H-mode discharge in lithium-conditioned NSTX

307. Suppression of Alfvén modes on NSTX-U with outboard beam injection

308. The Role of Recti ed Currents in Far-Field RF Sheaths and in SOL Losses of HHFW Power on NSTX

309. The Structured `Low Temperature' Phase of the Retinal Population Code

310. Two-dimensional turbulence cross-correlation functions in the edge of NSTX