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341. Type-I ELM mitigation by continuous lithium granule gravitational injection into the upper tungsten divertor in EAST

342. Understanding the dynamics and energetics of magnetic reconnection in a laboratory plasma: Review of recent progress on selected fronts

344. Validation and benchmarking of two particle-in-cell codes for a glow discharge

345. Verification of the global gyrokinetic stellarator code XGC-S for linear ion temperature gradient driven modes

346. Vertical forces during VDEs in an ITER plasma and the role of halo currents

347. Visual Analogy Extrapolation Challenge (VAEC)

348. Wall conditioning and ELM mitigation with boron nitride powder injection in KSTAR

349. Wave-kinetic approach to zonal-flow dynamics: recent advances

350. Whistler wave generation by anisotropic tail electrons during asymmetric magnetic reconnection in space and laboratory