Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Books

Kotin, Joshua; Koeser, Rebecca Sutton; Adair, Carl; Alagappan, Serena; Bauer, Jean; Browne, Oliver J.; Budak, Nick; Calver, Harriet; Chow, Jin; Davis, Ian; Doroudian, Gissoo; Engel, Currie; Green, Elspeth; Hicks, Benjamin; Joelson, Madeleine E.; Kelly, Carolyn; Krolewski, Sara; Li, Xinyi; Maag, Ellie; Mahoney, Cate; McCarthy, Jesse D.; Naydan, Mary; Ruehl, Isabel; Thode, Sylvie; VanSant, Camey; Wulfman, Clifford E.
Issue date: July 2020
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Kotin, Joshua, Koeser, Rebecca Sutton, Adair, Carl, Alagappan, Serena, Bauer, Jean, Browne, Oliver J., Budak, Nick, Calver, Harriet, Chow, Jin, Davis, Ian, Doroudian, Gissoo, Engel, Currie, Green, Elspeth, Hicks, Benjamin, Joelson, Madeleine E., Kelly, Carolyn, Krolewski, Sara, Li, Xinyi, Maag, Ellie, Mahoney, Cate, McCarthy, Jesse D., Naydan, Mary, Ruehl, Isabel, Thode, Sylvie, VanSant, Camey, & Wulfman, Clifford E. (2020). Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Books [Data set].
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This dataset includes information about approximately 6,000 books and other items with bibliographic data as well as summary information about when the item circulated in the Shakespeare and Company lending library and the number of times an item was borrowed or purchased.

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All data is related to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop and lending library opened and operated by Sylvia Beach in Paris, 1919–1962.

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