Deep Behavioral Phenotyping Of Mouse Autism Models using Open-Field Behavior

Klibaite, Ugne; Kislin, Mikhail; Verpeut, Jessica L.; Sun, Xiaoting; Shaevitz, Joshua W.; Wang, Samuel S.-H.
Issue date: 16 February 2021
Cite as:
Klibaite, Ugne, Kislin, Mikhail, Verpeut, Jessica L., Sun, Xiaoting, Shaevitz, Joshua W., & Wang, Samuel S.-H. (2021). Deep Behavioral Phenotyping Of Mouse Autism Models using Open-Field Behavior [Data set]. Princeton University.
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Download the DATASET_MMM_README.txt file for a detailed description of this dataset's content

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The primary experimental data are in the jointsCON.mat and centroids_velocities_CON.mat consist of body parts and centroid dynamics information during Open-Field Sessions from 60 male and 20 female C57BL/6, as well as from ASD models: 14 Cntnap2 WT, 15 Cntnap2 HET, 10 Cntnap2 KO, 17 L7-Tsc1 WT, 17 L7-Tsc1 HET and 9 L7-Tsc1 HOM mutant mice.

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# Filename Description Filesize
1 DATASET_MMM_README.txt Description of dataset 4.25 KB
2 GROOM_IDX.mat metadata for grooming sorting and analysis 227 KB
3 OFTboxinstrustions.docx Instructions for experimental setup 17.5 KB
4 allC100_8C_CON.mat behavior classes over time 10.3 MB
5 allC100_CON.mat behavior clusters over time 15 MB
6 centroids_velocities_CON.mat body centroid dynamics information 1.43 GB
7 info_8con_8b.mat metadata to sort unsupervised behavior clusters into semi-supervised behavior classes 731 Bytes
8 jointsCON.mat body parts dynamics information 4.58 GB
9 mouseSkeletonSimple_400.mat mouse skeleton used with LEAP 13.8 KB
10 partlistforOFT.xlsx Part list for experimental setup 15 KB
11 sampleOFTmovieC57bl6.avi Example movie of Open-Field session for male C57BL/6 mouse 349 MB
12 statsBy100.mat stats 323 KB
13 trainingSet_new10.mat subsampled results of wavelets from full dataset that is used for tSNE and high-dimensional clustering with k-Means to learn representation of the mouse behavior space 87.7 MB
14 vecsVals_subSelect.mat results of dimensionality reduction of body-part to body-part distances with online-PCA 127 KB