Derrida's Margins datasets

Chenoweth, Katie; Baron-Raiffe, Alexander; Sutton Koeser, Rebecca
Issue date: 15 October 2021
Cite as:
Chenoweth, Katie, Baron-Raiffe, Alexander, & Sutton Koeser, Rebecca. (2021). Derrida's Margins datasets [Data set]. Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University.
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Derrida’s Margins is a website and online research tool for annotations from the Library of Jacques Derrida, housed at Princeton University Library (PUL) . Jacques Derrida is one of the major figures of twentieth-century thought, and his library--which bears the traces of decades of close reading--represents a major intellectual archive. This project focused on annotations related to Derrida’s landmark 1967 work De la grammatologie (Of Grammatology).

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