Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Members, Books, Events

Kotin, Joshua; Koeser, Rebecca Sutton; Adair, Carl; Aiyer, Priyanka; Alagappan, Serena; Allen, Paige; Bauer, Jean; Browne, Oliver J.; Budak, Nick; Calver, Harriet; Chiossi, Robert; Chow, Jin Yun; Coles, Iliyah; Davis, Ian; Doroudian, Gissoo; Engel, Currie; Gautreau, Violet; Gjaja, Alex; Green, Elspeth; Hart, Isaac; Hicks, Benjamin; Himmelfarb, Samuel; Joelson, Madeleine E.; Karmanov, Fedor; Kelly, Carolyn; Krolewski, Sara; Li, Xinyi; Maag, Ellie; Macksey, Elizabeth; Mahoney, Cate; Mancino, Francesca; McCarthy, Jesse D.; Naydan, Mary; Patch, Yvonne; Root, Sally; Ruehl, Isabel; Thode, Sylvie; Vandermel, Katherine; VanSant, Camey; Wulfman, Clifford E.
Issue date: January 2022
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Kotin, Joshua, Koeser, Rebecca Sutton, Adair, Carl, Aiyer, Priyanka, Alagappan, Serena, Allen, Paige, Bauer, Jean, Browne, Oliver J., Budak, Nick, Calver, Harriet, Chiossi, Robert, Chow, Jin Yun, Coles, Iliyah, Davis, Ian, Doroudian, Gissoo, Engel, Currie, Gautreau, Violet, Gjaja, Alex, Green, Elspeth, Hart, Isaac, Hicks, Benjamin, Himmelfarb, Samuel, Joelson, Madeleine E., Karmanov, Fedor, Kelly, Carolyn, Krolewski, Sara, Li, Xinyi, Maag, Ellie, Macksey, Elizabeth, Mahoney, Cate, Mancino, Francesca, McCarthy, Jesse D., Naydan, Mary, Patch, Yvonne, Root, Sally, Ruehl, Isabel, Thode, Sylvie, Vandermel, Katherine, VanSant, Camey, & Wulfman, Clifford E. (2022). Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Members, Books, Events [Data set]. Princeton University.
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The Shakespeare and Company Project makes three datasets available to download in CSV and JSON formats. The datasets provide information about lending library members; the books that circulated in the lending library; and lending library events, including borrows, purchases, memberships, and renewals. The datasets may be used individually or in combination site URLs are consistent identifiers across all three.

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All data is related to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop and lending library opened and operated by Sylvia Beach in Paris, 1919–1962. For version 1.2 of the Shakespeare and Company Project datasets, we made a series of significant additions and refinements. For the members dataset, we added 162 addresses and 126 VIAF numbers; we also decreased the total number of members from 5,601 to 5,235 by matching previously unmatched accounts. For the books dataset, we added two books and 1,957 eBook links. We also reduced the books labeled “uncertain” from 568 to 475. For the events dataset, we added 492 events, including 60 reimbursements from a new logbook source and 300 reimbursements from the address books. We also renamed an event type and subscription category, added three new subscription categories, and fully footnoted all events. In all three datasets, we corrected mistakes and added missing dates. For more specific information, see change logs included with the individual datasets.

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