Raw Data for GrsA Sub-domain Dynamics

Sun, Xun; Alfermann, Jonas; Li, Hao; Watkins, Maxwell B.; Chen, Yi-Tsao; Chu, Jhih-Wei; Ando, Nozomi
Issue date: 2 August 2023
Cite as:
Sun, Xun, Alfermann, Jonas, Li, Hao, Watkins, Maxwell B., Chen, Yi-Tsao, Chu, Jhih-Wei, & Ando, Nozomi. (2023). Raw Data for GrsA Sub-domain Dynamics [Data set]. Princeton University. https://doi.org/10.34770/6ehx-sr32
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                Li, Hao and
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                Chen, Yi-Tsao and
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  title       = {{Raw Data for GrsA Sub-domain Dynamics}},
  publisher   = {{Princeton University}},
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This repository contains the raw photon-by-photon single-molecule FRET (smFRET) trajectories, SAXS data, and MD simulation trajectories, multi-sequence alignment, and gel images for the paper titled "Sub-Domain Dynamics Enables Chemical Chain Reactions in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases."

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This dataset is too large to download directly from this item page. You can access and download the data via Globus at this link: [ https://app.globus.org/file-manager?destination_id=dc43f461-0ca7-4203-848c-33a9fc00a464&destination_path=%2F6ehx-sr32%2F ] (See https://docs.globus.org/how-to/get-started/ for instructions on how to use Globus; sign-in is required).

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