Data For “Development of a dual channel detection system for pan-genotypic simultaneous quantification of hepatitis B and delta viruses"

Ploss, Alexander; Liu, Yongzhen
Issue date: 2024
Cite as:
Ploss, Alexander & Liu, Yongzhen. (2024). Data For “Development of a dual channel detection system for pan-genotypic simultaneous quantification of hepatitis B and delta viruses" [Data set]. Princeton University.
  author      = {Ploss, Alexander and
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  title       = {{Data For “Development of a dual channel
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                d delta viruses"}},
  publisher   = {{Princeton University}},
  year        = 2024,
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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remains a major public health problem and, in associated co-infection with hepatitis delta virus (HDV), causes the most severe viral hepatitis and accelerated liver disease progression. As a defective satellite RNA virus, HDV can only propagate in the presence of HBV infection, which makes HBV DNA and HDV RNA the standard biomarkers for monitoring the virological response upon antiviral therapy, in co-infected patients. Although assays have been described to quantify these viral nucleic acids in circulation independently, a method for monitoring both viruses simultaneously is not available, thus hampering characterization of their complex dynamic interactions. Here, we describe the development of a dual fluorescence channel detection system for pan-genotypic, simultaneous quantification of HBV DNA and HDV RNA through a one-step quantitative PCR. The sensitivity for both HBV and HDV is about 10 copies per microliter without significant interference between these two detection targets. This assay provides reliable detection for HBV and HDV basic research in vitro and in human liver chimeric mice. Preclinical validation of this system on serum samples from patient on or off antiviral therapy also illustrates a promising application that is rapid and cost-effective in monitoring HBV and HDV viral loads simultaneously.

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