Fossil corals as an archive of secular variations in seawater chemistry since the Mesozoic

Gothmann, Anne; Bender, Michael; Stolarski, Jaroslaw; Adkins, Jess; Dennis, Kate; Schrag, Daniel; Schoene, Blair; Mazur, Maciej
Issue date: 1 July 2015
Cite as:
Gothmann, Anne, Bender, Michael, Stolarski, Jaroslaw, Adkins, Jess, Dennis, Kate, Schrag, Daniel, Schoene, Blair, & Mazur, Maciej. (2015). Fossil corals as an archive of secular variations in seawater chemistry since the Mesozoic [Data set]. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.
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The files included here contain supplementary data for the article (

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7 SupplementaryS15-SCavsNaCa_MgColor.docx SupplementaryS15-SCavsNaCa_MgColor 197 KB
8 SupplementaryS16-PartitionCoefficients.xlsx SupplementaryS16-PartitionCoefficients 56 KB
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13 SupplementaryS5-TraceElements.xlsx SupplementaryS5-TraceElements 66.5 KB
14 SupplementaryS6-SIMSData.xlsx SupplementaryS6-SIMSData 222 KB
15 SupplementaryS7-ClumpedIsotopes.xlsx SupplementaryS7-ClumpedIsotopes 40.1 KB
16 SupplementaryS8-SrIsotopes.xlsx SupplementaryS8-SrIsotopes 57.7 KB
17 SupplementaryS9-Cathodoluminescence.pdf SupplementaryS9-Cathodoluminescence 6.01 MB