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1. A novel scheme for error field correction in permanent magnet stellarators

2. Electromagnetic total-f algorithm for gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulations of boundary plasma in XGC

3. Laboratory study of the failed torus mechanism in arched, line-tied, magnetic flux ropes

4. Reduced Physics Model of the Tokamak Scrape-off-Layer for Pulse Design

5. Telomere Length in Preterm Infants

6. Topological Langmuir-cyclotron wave

9. Data for "The value of fusion energy to a decarbonized United States electric grid"

10. Data for “Global adjoint tomography—model GLAD-M25”

11. Data set for "NAPS: Integrating pose estimation and tag-based tracking"

12. Effects of collisional ion orbit loss on neoclassical tokamak radial electric fields

15. Fusion Pilot Plant performance and the role of a Sustained High Power Density tokamak

16. Global gyrokinetic study of shaping effects on electromagnetic modes at NSTX aspect ratio with ad hoc parallel magnetic perturbation effects

17. Identification of a non-axisymmetric mode in laboratory experiments searching for standard magnetorotational instability

18. Initial Results from Boron Powder Injection Experiments in WEST Lower Single Null L-mode Plasmas

19. Internal Rotation of ELM Filaments on NSTX