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251. Supplementary spatial data for Available Land for Cellulosic Biofuel Production: A Supply Chain Centered Comparison

252. Dataset for 'Auditory Activity is Diverse and Widespread Throughout the Central Brain of Drosophila'

253. Data for "A New Open-path Eddy Covariance Method for N2O and Other Trace Gases that Minimizes Temperature Corrections"

254. Data for "Ammonia Dry Deposition in an Alpine Ecosystem Traced to Agricultural Emission Hotpots"

255. Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Vehicles in China

261. Alternative energy vehicle deployment coupled with decarbonizing electricity generation amplifies climate, air quality and health co-benefits in China

262. Fast animal pose estimation using deep neural networks

265. Fracture aperture maps used to study reactive transport, channelization, and permeability evolution in carbonate rocks.

266. Collapse of reacted fracture surface decreases permeability and frictional strength

267. Chiral Tetramer Molecular Model

268. Genetic Algorithm Crystal Optimization in a Chiral Tetramer Model System

270. Data from "Homogeneous ice nucleation in an ab initio machine learning model"

271. Data from "Melting curves of ice polymorphs in the vicinity of the liquid-liquid critical point"

273. High Reynolds Number Wind Turbine Wake Data

274. Data For “Development of a dual channel detection system for pan-genotypic simultaneous quantification of hepatitis B and delta viruses"

275. Data for: Persistent hepatitis B virus and HIV coinfections in dually humanized mice engrafted with human liver and immune system

276. Mettl14-deletion related liver damage and nuclear heterotypia

289. Nasa Budgetary Data

291. Methane emissions from oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

293. Shock Compression of Fluorapatite to 120 GPa: Wave Profile Data

294. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction of fluorapatite to 61 GPa: Structural Data

297. Data for "Stability and Kinetics of Iron-Terephthalate MOFs with Diverse Structures in Aqueous Pollutant Degradation"