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103. Spike Trains of Retinal Ganglion Cells Viewing a Repeated Natural Movie

104. The Structured `Low Temperature' Phase of the Retinal Population Code

107. Sound velocities in shock-synthesized stishovite to 72 GPa

113. Distinct cytoskeletal proteins define zones of enhanced cell wall synthesis in Helicobacter pylori

115. Integrative Mechanisms of Social Attention

119. Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

120. Data on Enzyme Activity Retention in glucose oxidase, lipase, and horseradish peroxidase

121. Enhancement of edge turbulence concomitant with ELM suppression during boron powder injection in EAST

127. Type-I ELM mitigation by continuous lithium granule gravitational injection into the upper tungsten divertor in EAST

129. Data from a flume experiment of passive scalar diffusion within vegetation canopies using laser-induced fluorescence

130. Princeton Open Ventilation Monitor

131. Fusion Nuclear Science Facilities and Pilot Plants Based on the Spherical Tokamak

138. A dual-mechanism antibiotic kills Gram-negative bacteria and avoids drug resistance

145. Princeton Dynamic Stall Database: Upward ramp-type pitching motions

146. Static measurements of a NACA 0021 airfoil at high Reynolds numbers

147. Data Files for "Declining Chinese Attitudes toward the United States amid COVID-19"

148. Deep Potential training data for crystalline and disordered TiO2 phases

149. Deep Potential training data for subcritical and supercritical water