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351. Thermodynamic and Dynamics Data for Coarse-grained Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Generated by Active Learning

352. Visual Analogy Extrapolation Challenge (VAEC)

354. Molecular Dynamics Trajectories and Analysis Code Demonstrating Liquid-Liquid Criticality in the WAIL Water Model

360. Data set for "NAPS: Integrating pose estimation and tag-based tracking"

363. Data Files for "Declining Chinese Attitudes toward the United States amid COVID-19"

364. Data for "Caught in the Crossfire: Fears of Chinese-American Scientists"

372. Climate Impacts from Large Volcanic Eruptions in a High-resolution Climate Model: the Importance of Forcing Structure

373. Calibrated VIC Model Parameters over CONUS

376. Amplification of local changes along the timescale processing hierarchy

381. Lower Hybrid Drift Waves During Guide Field Reconnection

385. Data Files for "Arranged Cohabitation among Chinese Muslims"

386. Data for "Declining Chinese Attitudes toward the United States amid COVID-19"

387. Data from "Transferability of data-driven, many-body models for CO2 simulations in the vapor and liquid phases"

392. Data for 'Environmental Benefits and Household Costs of Clean Heating Options in Northern China'