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101. Resonance in Fast-Wave Amplitude in the Periphery of Cylindrical Plasmas and Application to Edge Losses of Wave Heating Power in Tokamaks

103. Saturation of Alfven modes in tokamaks

104. Scenario Development During Commissioning Operations on the National Spherical Torus Experiment Upgrade

105. Sensitivity of WallDYN material migration modeling to uncertainties in mixed-material surface binding energies

106. Simulating pitch angle scattering using an explicitly solvable energy-conserving algorithm

107. Stabilizing effect of resistivity towards ELM-free H-mode discharge in lithium-conditioned NSTX

108. Study of liquid metal surface wave damping in the presence of magnetic fields and electrical currents

109. Study of the impact of pre- and real-time deposition of lithium on plasma performance on NSTX

110. Suppression of Alfvén modes on NSTX-U with outboard beam injection

111. Synergy of Coupled Kink and Tearing Modes in Fast Ion Transport

112. TRANSP-based Optimization Towards Tokamak Scenario Development

113. TRANSP-based closed-loop simulations of current profile optimal regulation in NSTX-Upgrade

115. The Role of Recti ed Currents in Far-Field RF Sheaths and in SOL Losses of HHFW Power on NSTX

116. The updated ITPA global H-mode confinement database: description and analysis

117. Theory based scaling of edge turbulence and implications for the scrape-off layer width

118. Thermal ion kinetic effects and Landau damping in fishbone modes

119. Three New Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometers on NSTX-U for Impurity Monitoring

120. Time dependent analysis of visible helium line-ratios for electron temperature and density diagnostic using synthetic simulations on NSTX-U

121. Toward fusion plasma scenario planning for NSTX-U using machine-learning-accelerated models

122. Two-dimensional full-wave simulations of waves in space and tokamak plasmas

123. Two-dimensional turbulence cross-correlation functions in the edge of NSTX